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Technical Advisor Livelihoods ( Entrepreneurship and Job Creation)
02.2018 - 09.2020
The role focused on designing and delivering programmes for youth employment and entrepreneurship as well as pursuing funding opportunities for the programmes. The role further included monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance and providing business development services for micro and small enterprises. The business development services included business assessments, business skills training, business advisory and coaching, and linkages with financial service providers. Responsibilities under this position included developing and managing partnerships with government agencies, the private sectors, development organisations and academic institutions. Research was part and parcel of the responsibilities mainly to conduct needs assessments and evaluate programme impact. This role included organising local, national and international events for sharing knowledge and experience but also giving exposure to primary actors in the programmes. This role included senior leadership duties as a member of the senior management team that was responsible for organisational strategy, business development and programme management. Representation of the organisation in different forums and sector working groups on employment, entrepreneurship and private sector development was one of the key responsibilities.
Enterprise and Economics Specialist
International Union for Conservation of Nature
02.2016 - 01.2018
The key responsibilities of this position included programme design, programme implementation, opportunity and market assessments mainly aimed at fostering the emergence and growth of forest based enterprises. Forest based enterprises included tree nursery businesses, bee keeping, charcoal making and timber businesses. This position covered identification of business opportunities that support forest landscape restoration and supporting enterprises to do business while preserving forests and conserving the environment. Holding this position therefore included training of entrepreneurs on business skills, conservation, marketing and accessing finance. Developing and customising enterprise development content to forest based enterprises combined with group formation and cooperative management training was a key responsibility to promote conservation oriented businesses. Private sector engagement to invest in and support conservation enterprises was a key responsibility. Developing collaborative mechanisms with the private sector was utilised to mobilise resources, improve market access and increase access to finance. Part of the responsibilities was to build strong formal and informal relationships with government and civil society sometimes leading to joint programmes.
Deputy Programme Manager
Skat Consulting Ltd
02.2013 - 12.2015
This was a both managerial and technical role for coordinating the planning and delivery the programme for capacity building and provision of business development services to brick and tile producers in Rwanda. These producers included business enterprises and cooperatives. Services provided include assessment of technology levels and building the capacity to improve technologies and business skills to grow their businesses. The major responsibilities under this position included: coordinating training for technology upgrading and business skills development, organising delivery of business development services and managing relationships with local and national level authorities. Enabling brick and tile producers to access financing as an essential responsibility which involved establishing a collateral fund that provided 50% collateral guarantee to the project beneficiaries. Another key role was supporting the bulking and marketing of bricks and tiles of supported enterprises. This involved establishing a bulking and display centre where potential buyers visited and saw the products any time during working hours. This role further included positioning of the brick and tile producers in the wider building material production industry by organising events and visits between the supported enterprises and other producers across the country.
MSME Programme Manager
Ministry of Trade and Industry
03.2011 - 01.2013
The responsibilities of this position covered management of the whole programme cycle including planning, implementation and evaluation. The execution part of the programme included coordinating delivery of business development services for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The main business development services offered included business skills training, business plan development, access to finance through a specific credit line and a collateral guarantee fund, and business coaching. In order to establish a credit line and collateral fund, this required engagement with the financial service providers, establishing a formal partnership and nurturing productive collaboration. Responsibilities included managing budgets and resources, engaging diverse stakeholders, decision making in project operations and managing risks. This role also included designing new projects and pursuing funding opportunities to resource the MSME programme. This implied representing the Ministry of Trade and Industry in different forums of donors, private sector agencies and civil society. Further this role also had team management and coaching roles to develop the capacity and nurture a team spirit.
Coordinator, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
School of Finance and Banking
01.2008 - 12.2010
This role includes managerial and hands on delivery of specific activities. The managerial aspects included planning and implementing enterprise development services while technical hands on tasks included developing of training content and conducting the training for entrepreneurs as well as providing advisory services. Content development focused on developing business training materials together with real life case writing for use in the different training sessions. Nurturing relationships with financial institutions, government institutions and the private sector development institutions was a key responsibility. The role also ensured the follow up of all entrepreneurs and enterprises that benefited from the programme to calibrate the programme services and to give advice on addressing issues that emerge along the way for example challenges that arise with expansion and growth of micro and small enterprises. This role further had strategic planning responsibilities to ensure relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. This involved conducting assessments of the needs of enterprises, designing and testing solutions. Evidence based strategy and programme update was a key responsibility to maintain cutting edge business support services.
School of Finance and Banking
Programme development and management; business development services development and delivery; stakeholder engagement; research and evaluations; human resource management; training and facilitation; communication and report writng.
Education . Master
Master of Business Administration
Vellore Institute of Technology - India
09.2002 - 06.2004
The course comprised business and management courses that cover business management functions including in finance, accounting, business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, organizational behaviour, human resource management and supply chain management among others. The course builds both theoretical and practical skills in business Management.
Bachelor of Social Sciences
Makerere University - Uganda
09.1993 - 01.1997
The course covered social policy, delivery of social services, understanding human behaviour and addressing social problems. The course covered designing programmes to address the needs of the population, budgeting, evaluating effectiveness of programmes as well as managing both policy and strategy.
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