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» Production, maintenance, quality
» Public buildings and works professions
» Airport and shipping services
» Education, training
» Engineering, development studies
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Professional experience . 2 to 5 years
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Geotechnical Engineer and QS
General Business Initiatives (GBI.Ltd)
11.2019 - 07.2021
Project Name: Improvement of Infrastructures at Kamembe International Airport. Main project features Two substations’ buildings, General Refurbishment of Terminal Building, access and crash roads, electrical works, mechanical and communication works, runway marking and Airfield grounding lighting. Activities performed and Responsibilities: • Gained basic knowledge on the overall operations and components of an international Airport according to ICAO standards. • Ensuring that drawings and method statements are being implemented as designed • Valuation of Interim payments certificates • Airside and landside engineering services (Runway and Taxiway marking, Airfield lighting, Fence lighting and signage implementation). • Saw cutting for (Secondary & Primary cable, Runway 02 & 20 Threshold Lights Cables. • Approach lights Mast construction, Apron Floodlights High mast • Construction Airport substations, Access and Crash roads construction • Laboratory and geotechnical investigation reports
Site Engineer
06.2018 - 11.2019
Project Name : Construction of Bugesera District Stadium Main project features: Indoor Hall with 3000-Seater, Technical Building, Underground water tank, Water Treatment Plant, Football pitch, Running track, Three in one and Tennis coats, Access roads and parking of more than 150 cars. Activities performed and Responsibilities: • Preparation and requesting approval for daily works submitted to the Engineer • Ensuring that drawings and method statements are being implemented properly • Measurement sheet preparation of the executed quantities • Construction of Football Pitch, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball and Tennis courts. • External works (Parking and roads construction) and drainage • Underground water tanks and Sewage Treatment Plant construction • Keeping record of Quality assurance/Quality control records i.e., Request for inspection sheet, daily report.
Civil Engineer
03.2018 - 06.2018
Project Name : Consultancy services for carrying out a Technical study for the construction works of Asphalt road in Rwamagana City in Rwamagana District. Activities performed Responsibilities /Skills gained: • Road Periodization report and Topographic Survey, • Pavement design, Hydrology and Hydraulics report, • Socio-economic report, Expropriation cost for the road extension area, • Preparation of Bills of Quantities and preparation of tender documents for construction
Pavement Engineer.
PRISMA Consult
10.2017 - 03.2018
Project Name : Rehabilitation and Widening of Gabiro-Kayonza (56 Km) Road Project and Ancillary Works. Activities performed Responsibilities: Monitoring and supervision of: • Surveying and topographic works (Levelling), • Geotechnical investigation and laboratory testing of construction materials: • The site laboratory has been used to carry out different tests such as Atterberg limit, compaction test (proctor), sieve analysis, CBR test, sand equivalent, bitumen extraction, Los Angeles, specific and bulk density, penetration test, softening point test, viscosity test, Marshall test, slump test, concrete compressive strength • During site construction works site tests (in situ density by sand replacement test, loading plate and Benkelman beam deflection) were done on site construction works for quality control and recommendations according to the prescribed technical specifications to meet the required quality. • Site works inspection and control workmanship, field works, earthworks activities,
Assistant Resident engineer (intern)
PRISMA Consult
12.2016 - 01.2017
Project Name : Construction of Commercial Blocks and Four Light industrial units in KSEZ. Main project features: Monitoring and supervision of Surveying and topographic works (setting out measurement), Geotechnical investigation, setting out of site boundaries, Site Clearance and Bulk excavation and Compaction works, Masonry works (stone foundation and retaining walls), Erection of formwork, steel fixation, concrete works for different structural members of the building in the Proposed Construction of Multipurpose. Activities performed Responsibilities: • Structural design review • Structural calculations of the required structures
HPC Hamburg Port consulting GmbH and INROS LACKNER AG
10.2016 - 11.2016
Project Name: Port performance base line study AT (TPA) in Dar es salaam Activities performed Responsibilities: • Participation in full day workshop to learn the fundamentals of port performance. • Performance measurements to evaluate the port’s overall productivity • Assisting consultants to identify workflow inefficiencies and record basic and added work content on the basis of international labour organization (ILO)work study standards
Site Engineer (trainee)
07.2016 - 09.2016
Project Name: Proposed Construction of Residential Apartments blocks at OSTERBAY-Dar es salaam Activities performed Responsibilities: Main benefits for using the installation of Insulated Mega Panels: • Eco Friendly Technology, fire resistant due to fire retardant polystyrene. • Rapid Construction: -Faster return & reduced Overheads, light weight, easy to transport, heat &sound insulation • Greater life span- no timber elements, • Durable and flexible to various designs
Designer Student Trainee
Tanzania Building Agency (TBA)
07.2015 - 07.2015
Project Name: Project Name: PROPOSED GOVERNMENT LEADERS HOUSE GRADE ‘A’ TYPE II- TWO STOREY FOR RAS NJOMBE Activities performed Responsibilities: • Preparation of bar bending schedules for FOOTINGS, COLUMNS and STAIRCASE • Preparation of bar bending schedules for Floor and Roof beams details for PROPOSED GOVERNMENT LEADERS HOUSE GRADE ‘A’ TYPE II- TWO STOREY FOR RAS NJOMBE. • Preparation of Layout plan for the project design (TRA-TUNDUMA) • Site visit to Kijitonyama- Dares Salaam for the Proposed Construction of the National ICT broadband backbone Phase III sub phase I – Internet Data Centre (IDC) • Preparation of Structural layout plan for staircase as well as load analysis for the design of reinforcement • Analysis and design of ring beam (Analysis of durability and fire resistance requirements, Determination of effective dimension of the section, Design for the flexural reinforcement, Design for the shear reinforcement, Serviceability checks and Structural Detailing) • Detailing of structural elements (Detailing of columns and footing, detailing of floor slabs, detailing of floor beams and ring beams, and detailing of stairs).
Laboratory Technician (Student trainee).
STRABAG International GmbH
07.2014 - 09.2014
Project Name: Construction of Dar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Infrastructure Main project features The project involved Carrying out geotechnical investigation, laboratory works and reporting. Activities performed Responsibilities: • Carrying out Preliminary site investigation, sample taking • Performing Practical sieve distribution (sieve analysis) • Performing Modified proctor tests (Compaction) • Performing Consistency tests (atterberg limits) • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test • In situ dry density determination • Preparation of report to the material engineer
Craft man (Student trainee).
China Railway Jianchang Engineering Co. Ltd (CRJE)
06.2013 - 08.2013
Project Name: Proposed Construction of Multipurpose Science Complex at the University of Dar Es Salaam Main Campus Activities performed Responsibilities: Tasks involved: It was an ongoing project having seven floors. When i arrived there and here it is what I participated in: • Blinding for the foundation • External and internal walls construction • Columns, Slabs and beams formworking, reinforcement and concreting.
Eng. Sandrine MUSABYIMANA has almost 5 years working experience in various engineering projects including Constructions, site supervisions and contract management. I am intimately attached to construction site works, office works of large infrastructures such as Airports, stadium, roads, Port, Industrial, residential and commercial buildings. I have almost 5years of recent experience in site construction and supervisions ; quality assurance, and medium structural and civil works using computer applications. I am able to prepare and control quality assurance documentations including ; measurement sheet preparation of the executed quantities, valuation of Interim payments certificates, request for inspections, Material approvals, transmittals, I am also able to prepare effective technical reports. I have enough ability to analyze and evaluate qualitatively the design reports, drawings and interpretation of international specification relevant to civil works and structures.
Education . Bachelor
Bachelor of science in civil engineering
University of Dar es salaam
10.2012 - 11.2016
Trainings are related with engineering works
Effective waste water management in Africa
Africa Engineering Conference with UNESCO –Africa Engineering week
09.2017 - 09.2017
Trainings are related with engineering works: (Workshop in “Effective waste water management in Africa” in UNESCO-Africa Engineering Week (25th -29th September 2017)
to enhance the involvement of women engineers in the engineering profession
Institution of Engineering Rwanda (IER) in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineers UK
12.2020 - 12.2020
Trainings are related with engineering works: Workshop with an objective « to enhance the involvement of women engineers in the engineering profession » in Rwanda 5th December 2020
frenchgood level
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