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Job category searched
» Production, maintenance, quality
» R&D, project management
» Services
» Chemistry, petrochemistry, raw materials, mining
» Environment, recycling
» Paper, wood, rubber, plastic, glass, tobacco
» Pharmaceutical industry
» Research and development
Professional experience . More than 10 years
Professional Experience: 
National Research Centre
Since 09.1982
Experience in o Polarography/Voltammetry Metrohm 693VA processor and 694 VA, o ISE Potentiometer, pH, automatic titrator, different models, o Fabrication of hand-made Carbon Paste, Screen Printed Electrodes o UV-Visible-Spectrophotometer models JASKO, Beckman Coulter (DU 800), Shimadzu, o Near Infra Red Spectrometer JASKO, o Fourier Transform Infra Red FTIR Spectrometer Perkin Elmer (Spectrum 100) o Fluorometer Thermo (Fluoroscan Ascent) o Flame Photometer Jenway o HPLC Thermo (SpectraSystem) and Perkin Elmer (Series 200) o GC-MS Thermo (GC-Focus, DSQII) and Perkin Elmer (Clarus 600) o Soxhlet Extraction Gerhardt (Soxtherm), Buchi (B-811) o CHNS Elementar Vario El, Perkin Elmer (100) o Kjeldahl digester with evarporator Gerhardt (Kjeldatherm, Vapodest, Turbotherm). o Oxygen flask for halogens and phosphorus • Chemometrics (Data Preprocessing, Explorative Analysis, Regression Analysis, Experimental Design, Classification, Validation and Evaluation of Error, ANOVA, Multivariate Least Squares Methods for calibration and prediction) 2. Technical services and consultations in favor of a number of industries and individuals for chemical analysis of organic and inorganic products such as detergents, fertilizers, drugs, tooth fillers, boilers additives, silvering solutions and others. Furthermore, installation and operation number of analytical instruments.
Analytical Instruments, HPLC, GC-MS, AAS, Voltammetry, Statistics, Chemometrics, Training
Education . Doctorate
Analytical Chemistry
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
09.1993 - 04.1997
Ph.D. thesis under title “Computer-Assisted Spectrophotometric Analysis of Some Industrially Important Chemical Mixtures”
Ein Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
09.1988 - 05.1992
M.Sc. thesis under title “UV-Spectrophotometric Determination of Traces of Heavy Metals in Their Binary or Ternary Mixtures"
englishgood level
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in 1 month
Eastern Province - Kigali Province - Northern Province - Southern Province - Western Province - International
Fixed-term contract - Cooperative Education Program - Part-time work

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