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Professional experience . 5 to 10 years
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Youth Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Talent Development Specialist
Ministry of Youth and Culture (Rwanda)
Since 07.2018
• Contribute to the development of national entrepreneurship policies, strategies, programs, and projects for youth entrepreneurship promotion. • Oversee the implementation of youth entrepreneurship programs • Develop Innovation and talent detection and evolvement structure among Rwandan Youth • Conduct critical analysis and evaluation of youth entrepreneurship development mechanism Vis à Vis to the national transformation framework. • Develop youth mobilization strategy on entrepreneurship policies and programs. • Conduct critical analysis and evaluation of youth entrepreneurship development mechanism Vis à Vis to the national transformation framework • Conduct impact assessment of youth entrepreneurship program initiatives • Follow up and evaluate the implementation of the youth entrepreneurship programs; • Analyze the entrepreneurship related reports and provide policy recommendations • Monitor the progress of the implementation of youth entrepreneurship program. • Conduct monitoring, evaluation and implementation review of all initiative, policies, strategies related entrepreneurship development among youth
Recovery Officer
Rwanda Energy Group (EUCL)
09.2015 - 06.2018
• Big customers’ bills payment follow up • Maintaining weekly planning regarding recovery work • Update the customers statement accounts • Credit the debts of customers after they pay their bills of electricity. • Recommend the doubtful debtors to be sued in prosecution. • Recommend the balances to be written off in Eucl’s financial directories.
Sales marketing and human resources Manager
Rz Manna Ltd
01.2012 - 07.2015
• Maintain market strategies to increase the rate of regular customers. • Balance sales and accurate expenses to reduce the risks of inadequate selling prices. • Customers’ analysis for their satisfaction. • Sales promotions • Marketing planning. • Assisting in Entrepreneurial tactics (creativity and innovation) • Payrolls arrangement • Logistics and procurement planning and organizing. • Social contribution declaration and employees’ welfare caring.
Project coordinator and human resources assistant Manager
Isano Production Company LTL
05.2011 - 01.2012
• Maintain clear relationship with customers to ensure their satisfaction. • Receive customers’ claims and find quick solutions. • Maintain financial records which accurately record the business’ incoming and outgoing finances, • Payrolls arrangements. • Coordinate all projects in process and assure their implementation accuracy. • Collaborate with staffs and organize the company to keep its standard. • Coping with Customers’ projects and ensure their completion on time. • Deal with Entrepreneurial tactics where necessary.
-Entrepreneurial skills -Project Management Skills -High analytical and leadership skills -Management skills -High communication skills -Team player and works divisions and allocation skills -High long and short runs planning skills. - data analysis skills
Education . Master
Building Competitiveness in Creative Industries
ITC/SME Academy
09.2020 - 10.2020
The Course aimed at providing key practical techniques that a firm in creative industry can use to develop its core competencies to earn the market competitive advantage.
Project Budgeting and scheduling
University of California, Urvire
03.2020 - 10.2020
The course aimed at equipping enroller with full project management practices and principles for project budgeting and scheduling
E-Commerce for B2B Business
ITC/SME academy
01.2020 - 09.2020
The course aimed at development key strategies for a business to be competitive on a online marketplace using B2B (Business t Business ) approach .
Social Entrepreneurship
ITC/SME Academy
07.2020 - 09.2020
This course aimed at providing skills and practices for an enterprise that has a social impact as a prime mandate or with an hybrid model (social and Business) .
Business Model Innovation
University of Paris
Since 10.2020
This Course aims at equipping enrollers with business modelling skills to conquer the world of innovation varieties.
Gender and Environment
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
08.2019 - 01.2020
This course aimed at providing skills on gender balancing and practical skill for environment protection and conservation. Finally, the courses linked gender differentiations with environmental protection practices.
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