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Professional experience . 5 to 10 years
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Responsible Pharmacist
Ingpharma wholesale company Ltd
Since 03.2018
My duties are to ensure Monitoring and evaluating marketing process of the company and give advice for improvement with marketing officers. Proper pricing of imported health commodities and manufactured health products at affordable level by the customers. Making monthly stock level report and its value to our managing Director. Market research in order to obtain the right products which must be affordable by all the clients and monitoring its management and storage conditions in warehouse Making importation of health commodities and related products in order to serve the community in charge (pharmacies, health settings) by following rules and regulation of import and export systems in the Rwanda including the use of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Information Management System (PRIMS). Market analysis for better performance of our company and keeping competitive advantages on market. Manufacturing Firm analysis in order to keep competitive excellence against competitors with the same service on market. Ensure cost leadership and differentiation strategies for excellent performance of our company. Monitoring the quality of health commodities before entering in the company warehouse.Etc
Responsible Pharmacist
Pharmacy Fidele Ltd
10.2015 - 02.2018
My duties were as follow: Ensure good dispensing of medicines to the right patients and promote excellent dispensing among team work in pharmacy. Making good storage of medicines and quality control of all health commodities available in pharmacy store. Good partnership with medical insurances and providing all medical services to beneficiaries as required by insurance as well as handling all issues related to medical insurances in maintaining good collaboration. Preparation of monthly bill report for each insurance and follow up the payment. Conducting physical inventory every six month with other staff. Control and management of pharmacy stock by using E-system named ISHYIGA. Good pharmaceutical care to all patients in charge and using all strategies in order to avoid medical errors. Approval of quantification of the needed pharmaceuticals and the products from pharmaceutical wholesale companies for a good quality. Giving training to the young professionals about pharmacy practices done in retail pharmacy.Etc
Internal pharmacist
Rwanda Biomedical Center/Medical Procurement Production Division
10.2014 - 04.2015
My responsibilities were: Preparation of procurement plan and its execution strategies. Preparation of national and international pharmaceutical tenders Studying how offers are opened, analyzed and selecting for tender winners. Participation with the others in Tender evaluation and consultancy. Knowledge on Selection and Quantification of pharmaceutical and medical equipment’s needs of the country based on the MPPD budget. Ensuring the safety of the products received before entering in the system by checking Analysis Certificates of the products in general and active ingredient and others criteria required. Collaboration with quality control officer in conduction of pharmacovigilance and quality control of pharmaceutical products. Knowledge on the contract negotiations and cost management among the suppliers. Ensuring the storage condition of each product in the stock and outside condition obliged by the product in the stocks in general. Collaboration with pharmaceutical analyzing officer in a way of making sure the safety of the given products Following Distribution process from the Centre level (national warehouse) up to the lower level (hospitals, Health Centers). Etc..
Internal Pharmacist
King Faisal Hospital
07.2013 - 11.2013
My duties were: Working the procurement department by studying on how the tenders are prepared at this level, the requirements of the suppliers to accomplish, awarding contract and contract execution by successful bidders. Dispensing the medicines to the patients and applying pharmaceutical care and follow up among them. Management of hospital medical warehouse special for cold chain products, normal pharmaceuticals, health consumables, orthopedic products etc. Pharmacovigilance process on handling pharmaceutical issues.Etc
Internal Pharmacist
Bureau de Formation Medical agrees au Rwanda (BUFMAR)
03.2013 - 06.2013
My duties were as follow: Managing the stock of Pharmaceutical products, medical equipments and consumables. Filling the purchase orders and delivery notes and recording daily consumption of drugs and medical consumable. Uses of aseptic techniques in preparation of pharmaceutical products. Understanding the procurement process followed of health commodities used in this institution (BUFMAR). Tender evaluation criteria used in this institution. Ensuring quality control and quality insurance of pharmaceuticals used. Working with procurement officer on way of preparing the different types of Pharmaceutical tenders.Etc..
Director of Malaria program
Rwanda Village concept promotor
02.2012 - 02.2013
My duties were: Preparation of weekly teaching session reports and presentation to Coordination Board and patterns. Organization and coordination of program team members. Follow up and supervision on malaria session given in the selected area (schools, health centers) at Huye district in purpose of rising awareness on malaria diseases prevention and treatment among all age of concerned population. Preparation and execution of international malaria day. Working with stakeholders in order to make a fund for the program and its promotion as well as collaborating with fundraising Officer in research of project fund.
In Information and Technology (IT) I am proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Statistical software packages of SPSS, Stata,ISHYIGA Software, Med store Software, E-procurement system(Umucyo) and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Information Management System (PRIMS). In addition,i am skilled in health issues, team working, time management and appropriate work conduct, customer service and effective communication, Human resource management, effective change management, decision making and leadership. Finally,I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, innovative and research.
Education . Master
Master of Business Administration with Project Management Specialization
Mount Kenya University-Rwanda
Since 01.2019
This program of Business Administration is very interesting because it helps me to increase my knowledge and Skills in Industry and Market analysis through strategic management course.Then,i learnt more about market and pricing analysis of the product produced in the manufacturing firm or imported products via Marketing management.With General Management course,i studied how will i lead an organization or industry in successful way.Beyond these skills,i studied how the projects are formulated and managed in effective way. Moreover,this program strengthened my level of research that will be very instrumental in improving my intended task via innovative behavior.Then,this Master program helps me to learn more about the various Business strategies necessary to keep the industry in the competitive level though differentiation,cost leadership and focus strategies etc. To conclude,this program of Master of Business Administration associtated with my qualification in Pharmacy will help me to reach to my dream of promoting pharmaceutical sector via pharmaceutical industry and market analysis as well as pharmaceutical products promotion.
Bachelors with Honours in Pharmacy
University of Rwanda,College of Medicine and Health Sciences
01.2010 - 08.2014
This program of Pharmacy helped me to earn more skills and knowledge in various domains of pharmaceutical sector specially in clinical services,pharmaceutical manufacturing firms,health supply chain management and pharmacological services as well as quality control and pharmacovigilance so that the patients obtain the quality- cost -effective -safe medicines. Moreover,this program aimed at training the pharmacists in drug research and development that is very crucial in releasing the new innovative products on the market.Finally,this program helped me in increasing my knowledge in medical research necessary to make change in pharmaceutical sector. To conclude,this program was very interested that is why i ended it with excellent performance and its yield will help me in promoting pharmaceutical sector not only in Rwanda but also outside the country.
Diploma A2 in Science Latin Biology Chemistry
Minor Seminary Saint LEON,Rwanda
09.2001 - 11.2008
This program was more interested in learning deeply about all sciences program especially Biology and Chemistry and other related courses. Then,it supported me in gaining more skills and knowledge that were the basic in reaching to my dreams of studying pharmaceutical sciences at university. Moreover,its contributions helped me to be more successful in each task i always perform. In conclusion,this program was more important that is i achieved with great distinction on that moment and it is considered as one of the cornerstone in accessing pharmaceutical program at university and successful in current pharmaceutical tasks.
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Kigali Province - Southern Province - International
Permanent contract

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