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Unlock Impact believes that the key to Africa’s development is its people. The youth of Africa hold extraordinary potential to transform their economies, and it is our mission to unlock that potential by building the managerial skills that catalyze impact and drive progress.

The continent is full of brilliant entrepreneurs with game-changing organizations, and also has a generation of passionate youth who are hungry to solve their country’s most pressing problems. However, there is a “missing middle”: the seasoned, reflective, and caring managers that will coach and develop young talent to meaningfully contribute to these organizations. The lack of managerial soft skills leads to either expatriate hires, huge gaps in pay between seasoned managers and entry-level teammates, and high turnover due to a tight labor market that can be devastating for small companies.

We have developed a year-long internal fellowship for organizations that want to turbocharge their young stars to management positions, unlocking potential at an accelerated rate. Think of it as the best parts of a leadership fellowship and a top executive education program. Our professional development curriculum is also synergistic with company priorities. 

We have a vision of a continent full of seasoned, reflective, and caring middle managers who will build the companies that will build Africa’s economy.  We welcome you to share and work towards this vision with us.