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City :Kigali
Country :
Industries :
Maintenance, servicing, after-sales services
Public buildings and works sector, construction
Real-estate, architecture, town planning
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Company Description

We are a team of professionals committed to precision and elegance. Our founder is a highly experienced engineer who has built and co-run a successful construction business for over a decade, taking that business from a Grade 5 construction firm with an annual turnover of 300,000 USD to a Grade 1 firm with an annual turnover of about 7.5 million USD. The entire team is dedicated to excellence and building a world class real estate construction company.

The buildings and homes we design, build or renovate will carry our signature touches and high standards. Our approach to business is based on knowledge, well cultivated relationships and clarity of vision. We offer superior quality work and strive to be one of the top real estate developers in Ethiopia. We bring precision, craftsmanship and sustainability to every project and treat each one as our priority.

We begin every project with a thorough consultation with our clients or a thorough digging to what the customer needs followed by a clear plan for deliverables and continuous updates. We take deep pleasure in bringing our client's visions into reality and leaving distinct and recognizable marks on the city and country we work in.

We believe in collaboration and partnership. In all the projects we take up we engage both experienced and start up companies. We recognize that excellence can be found in years of experience as well as new rising passionate teams. We see ourselves as part of the new generation of real estate developers. We are a team of contractors that can place each project within the big picture of a changing world, environment and way of life.