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Distribution, selling, wholesale
Health, pharmacy, hospitals, medical equipment
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From the abode of Ayurveda, from the land of Sushruta and Charaka, we present to you, Indus Viva –the answer to your woes and worries about health and wellness for you and your loved ones. We welcome you to our family, where caring is second nature to us. We are a community of many, strengthened by a spectrum of identities across the globe, despite the myriad differences amongst us.

We are based in India, a country which had always enjoyed the pioneer status in the arena of health and wellness, all along the history of the humankind. The Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practices which were documented and accomplished in this country has always been a subject of marvel in the medical discourses across the world. Despite the major setbacks during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, thanks to the colonisation period, we held on to our basic lessons in healing with nature. Gradually, Ayurveda and Naturopathy gained acceptance and popularity across the world, and medical tourism saw a gigantic upsurge as a result. It is believed that every single plant/herb has a unique medicinal property. We aim to decentralize the access to these medicinal gems, and make it easier for you to avail the benefits of the natural herbs.