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Banking, insurance, finance
Education, training
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CHANCEN is a Social Enterprise with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to tertiary education finance. With our impact orientation, we ensure our products are fair and ethical. We believe financial solutions should be transparent and contribute to the development of the next generation.

We consider the whole ecosystem - the quality of education, sustainability and innovation of partners, employability and personal development of our members.

CHANCENs ISA (Income Share Agreement) is not just a financial model, it’s an integrated financial and career services backed by technology.

We are currently financing >600 students at 30 selected education partners in Germany and at medical schools in other European countries with 15 million euros. Our non-profit subsidiary, CHANCEN International gGmbH, offers the model in East Africa and currently finances 1,300 students in Rwanda. By 2030, we will enable 200.000 individuals to further their education and increase their opportunities.

To enable this growth, we depend on scaling technology with which we can manage and automate our processes. Therefore, we are expanding our own Salesforce in-house team in Rwanda to speed up the development of our existing Salesforce Platform and meet the demand of our German operations. We are looking for a technical lead to help us make our vision a reality.