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INTERNATIONAL CHILD RESOURCE INSTITUTE began working in Rwanda in 2017 after being approached during the World Forum on Early Care and Education by iconic former member of the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Eddy Kalisa Nyarwara. ICRI’s Founder & Global Director, Ken Jaffe, immediately recognized the need for and potential in creating an ICRI Rwanda County Office from which national programs on early care & education, teacher training, parent engagement and advocacy could be run.

ICRI Rwanda is starting at the top as they unveil, January 4th 2019, the first National Early Childhood Teacher Training Center and National Model Preschool. Our National Model Preschool and Teacher Training site is located on nearly an acre of land in the low-income target community of Bugasera, just outside of the capital of Kigali.

ICRI has received its certification as an International NGO in Rwanda and will continue to collaborate closely with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF), UNICEF, and the capital city of Kigali in developing model early childhood centers serving lowest income children and families.